When To See a Pediatrician

When it comes to your child, you obviously want to make sure that they’re always taken care of and that they’re as healthy as can be! Part of making sure they’re healthy is knowing when it’s time to visit their pediatrician. Dr. Samuel Divaker and Dr. Rezia Divaker at Divaker Pediatrics in Mount Dora, FL, can explain when to visit your child’s pediatrician and how often that should occur.

When to Visit Your Child’s Pediatrician

Obviously, you already know that if your child is sick, you should never hesitate to bring them in for a visit to their pediatrician in Mount Dora, FL, but when do they need to visit otherwise? You should be bringing your child in for visits with their pediatrician on a regular basis to make sure that they’re developing properly and getting the care that they need.

When your child is first born, you should be visiting fairly often, and this could be at least once a month. You’ll have to bring your child in for checkups and to get their immunizations. You should expect to visit the pediatrician at least once a year for the first few years of your child’s life.

As your child gets older, you may only need to bring your child in for their yearly checkup and for school and sports physicals. Before they participate in any activities at school, they’ll need to come in and make sure that they are prepared and aren’t at risk for serious injuries. If you notice that your child is struggling with issues like eczema, ADHD, or allergies, you should bring them in as soon as possible.

Contact Your Pediatrician Today

It’s important that you’re able to utilize your pediatrician and ensure your child is healthy and happy. Contact Dr. Samuel Divaker and Dr. Rezia Divaker at Divaker Pediatrics in Mount Dora, FL, to learn more about when to visit the pediatrician. Call for more information and to schedule an appointment today at (352) 383-8384 today.

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